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When in Prague

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs!

Today it is time to talk for some fun and travel, but of course related to architecture, interior and decor. As you can see from the title, i will introduce some interesting and beautiful things that i found in Prague.

First of all Czech Republic is full of ART. Everywhere you see, you see beautiful and wonderful things. The most styles that are used in this country is Gothic style, Rococo, Baroque and some modern buildings in the new city 🙂
The days that i were in Prague were sunny, but the first day let’s say wasn’t that good for me and my friend. We didn’t know the city and we kinda “lost” sometimes, because also the buildings look the same at first sight.
But i think that day wasn’t very lucky for us, so the next days were time to explore more about Prague. Of course i couldn’t resist to take some pictures with my phone..i will show you one by one.


I love pastel colors and i found them in Prague.


Time for some relax… photo taken inside the shopping mall.


Blue, pastel blue and white, best combination. And also this green tree here, so much relax, just enjoy the view.


The other side of the shopping mall and my favorite one. I just photoshoped the logo “feelslikehome” and the other details are original. I like the wooden table detail combined with the glass. So simple, for a moment i felt like i’m home. 🙂


Look at this decorations. I like the way they sell them, so interesting.


I found some minimalism in Prague.



Thank you for reading, much love, DL.

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