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Vector ART.

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs!

Today I will talk about a very beautiful and special thing made by a very lovely artist, marinelartt.
I am a fan of beautiful things and I really enjoy so much sharing them, so now it is the time to share this masterpiece with all of you.
But what is Vector Art? Vector art is created using vector illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator (as opposed to pixel-based illustrations produced in Photoshop) are essentially made up of lines and points, which form shapes, which you then build up in layers to produce the artwork.


This is my photo taken in Riga, Latvia (it was fun) and I decided to give this picture to Marinel to remake it like this. I really love it and could not believe that this is me. I love this kind of art and I promise that it will not be the last post talking about this masterpieces.


This is the original picture. Now you can see the difference, comparing this two photos. I really love it, and how marinel “plays” with the details, I like the idea that he didn’t make originally like this picture. He tries to add different details from his imagination and that’s what makes him a special artist!


-Some other artworks, made from marinelartt. Check it out!




What do you think? 🙂

Thank you for reading, see you in next posts! Much love DL


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