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Cover Your Window

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs!

Today i will talk about my old love, curtains. I think that curtains are an important decor in your home and they definitely should be in every window. I say this, because i also have tried to use my windows without a curtain one time when i was obsessed to have more space in my room and yeah i can say that it was much space, because of the glass, you can see through, but i proved that i was wrong, because it feels like it is an empty room and it’s not what i like to feel. But now i am more sure than ever to say that, curtains are a Timeless Trend and i will not get over them.(check here my post about the timeless trend)

So every mom should be very happy of my post, lol 🙂 I know that moms (as my mom also) are more obsessed and passionate with curtains and actually with every detail at home, because maybe of their nature of being more caring about most of things and actually i am glad of it, because it makes you do kinda the same even though that me and mom have different styles in choosing things to decorate our home.

As my parents own a business about curtains and bed sheets, i always find the time to take some pictures of what i like more and share them to their page: intex.shop (click here) on instagram and also on facebook if you want to check more: (click here)

  1.  Now we go to my favourite part. What type of curtains do i like more?
    ● Firstly i never liked the curtains with colors or A LOT of colors, or patterns upon patterns. So definitely my type are simple ones, one-colored or maybe with one pattern (but it should be symmetric)
    ● Thin stripes (i like more vertically stripes, because it gives you the idea of a long curtain, but it is not a problem, horizontally it’s okay also).
    ● Curtains should be LONG, yes long that touches the floor.
    ● I prefer the curtains to be separated in two, so it is more comfortable and easy to move them when you need.
 Pictures taken by me 🙂


For you who like “light” curtains. There it is my favorite from the shop. Check out more details  @intex.shop


This is a “heavy” material, but for me the color and no pattern it is perfect for any room.


Yeah! Vertical stripes, black and white!


I love linen material. This is classy and simple curtain. I should take it home!!


Yes! Thats what i am talking about. Simple and classy. I love the colors. Picture taken: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/511791945136184364/


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