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Indoor Plants: must-have

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs!

Whenever i see a plant, i take a picture!

  • As a lover of minimalism, i look for minimalistic plants at home. Where else can i find them, except ETSY.
    Etsy.com is a love, everything you need, is there..waiting for you. So yeah, what i did, just opened their website and tried to find some indoor plants with a minimalistic decor.
    -Firstly: what do i think about plants? I consider them as my favorite decor at home, actually lately it has been my favorite. When i was young i liked more frames with my pictures, or pictures of my family (which we almost didn’t have them on the wall, like most of families did) or the clock on the wall, maybe some souvenirs standing on the table, but plants not at all. We had few different plants and kept them to the window, or balcony which now is only one left, but not accidentally.


  1. SUGGESTION: I keep Aloe Vera, not only because it is a very simple plant according to decor, but also i use the resource of it for my skin, keeps it soft and fresh. No need to buy a cream 😀


I chose some items which i can say that most of them are cheap and affordable for everyone who loves to add some decor and happiness to their homes.
What is also special of these plants, all of them are HANDMADE. I call it ART.  So let’s check them out:


I ordered this. I love blue, pastel colors, EVERYWHERE!



click in the picture (for more details)


  • Order this instead of frames!


  • Very “petit” and so interesting. Think to buy it!



    Very minimalistic ones. A must have


    if you want to buy this (click in the picture)


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