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Some “Wine Thoughts”

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs!

How do you spend your Sunday? 🙂

Today i have a desire to show you my favorite drink. I vote for white (cold) wine.
As you may understand from my posts, i am very obsessed with every decor details, also when it comes to choosing the glasses, plates, or just taking some pictures. All my friends know this, and they trust me and let me choose for everything. (thank you guys, i’m glad for that)
If you are interested in glasses of wine, or some decor ideas you can check at @etsy, which is my favorite website!

My every Sunday, or every day off, i found myself very chilled and happy, because i spend it with my favorite people and favorite things that i enjoy…like music, photography, or just writing on my blog.
SUGGESTION: Spend your time as you really enjoy it..and you will find yourself happy.

by the way…i am not a collector



Thank you for reading. Much love DL ♥


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