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I am a morning person.

Hello design lovers an connoisseurs!

Welcome to my new post about mornings and coffee! I was inspired by one post of Vibrant and Pure on instagram, she wrote that she is giving up coffee, i am sorry dear, but i can’t accept this challenge. lol
-Are you a morning person? Do you have some habits before the morning starts?

Well…because i do. My day starts early in the morning,
•i see the weather first and think about what i have to do,
•check my phone (inevitable for all of us),
•check my mails, some news,
•and then i get up (now you are waiting for me to say that i exercise, but no! It is sad, but yeah i will try to change it next month, as long as now my day is very messy, because i am waiting to go to university, and soon i will make another plan of my day..will tell you for that! 🙂

…but one thing for now i can not change is “Coffee in the morning”, and YES i am obsessed!! It doesn’t matter if it is autumn, winter, spring or summer. Alone or with friends. Homemade or not. Coffee is always a good idea.

My day starts after i drink the coffee. What about you? Are you a coffee lover? Can you quit it?

As you guys know i love photography and i always try to capture beautiful moments,
check on my Instagram some posts about coffee.


Thank you for reading. Much love DL ♥


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