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Reminder to myself

My shirt says it all.


Regardless to these beautiful and “artish” pictures that I made (actually my brother did it for me), which I am very excited to share with all of you, also stands a very important message for me, actually I guess for everyone. Maybe for some of you, this “quote” may sound a bit simple or so little and unimportant…but actually, in my opinion, these are the people who do not care about the little things, these simple details which really can inspire us the most.

I am a person who do not like to set rules about myself and follow them. I don’t count here like: organizing my day or my week, because I consider myself as a rational person- i don’t want to waste my time. So, yeah this expression to me sounds as a reminder to myself, actually it is one of them. I always try to find details in everything, because i think that these little things can have that very big power to us.


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I am not here to convenience anyone to think like me, or to do what I do, it is not my aim. I opened this website as an opportunity for me, by showing you my passions, my creativity and maybe like this, I can inspire someone wherever she/he is. Just by doing what we love, we can transmit this originally to others. You are powerful.

P.S: The next post won’t be as direct as this, because I love and I enjoy more to show you what I like, through my art.

Thank you for reading,
much love DL.


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