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minimalism: it’s not about black and white

think outside of the box


When people ask me why do you like minimalism, it has no colors, it is simple and boring!
I am a minimalist, actually when it comes to interior design, home decor, details and..trying to practice it in my lifestyle! Minimalism is simple, is regular, aesthetic, is less, and i love it. 

“Minimalism makes a room feel clean, modern, and bright, and people naturally gravitate towards that sense of order.” -Santos


I like black color, i can say it is my favorite, but when it comes to my clothes. I do not like the room with a black wardrobe, carpet or table. As i am not a fan of closed places, i want space, i like space and black is not the default choice. I can say navy blue could be my darkest choice. One time i tried bordeaux (wine color) bed sheets, but i was not sleeping so well, even though i prefer this color. Actually, one of my friends says that every color is beautiful, the secret is how you combine them, and i think the same. On the other hand, being in a very colorful room for me is very distracting, it could be interesting to visit different styles of interior, but living there, it doesn’t feel like home to me.

Well, i insist that colors, interior, influence our moods, so described in few words, i prefer less and aesthetic, because i don’t have time for these “tips” how to clean, how to deal with a lot of things and so on. When i wake up in the morning, i want to make my coffee and schedule my day, because in the end this is more important.
Surround yourself by things which don’t distract you, and i am sure you will be focused on things that really matter. 


Thank you for reading,
much love DL.


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