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About me & my blog

Hello, design lovers and connoisseurs!


This is Denisa, 21 years old, a student of business management who has passion for home design.
My passion started when i was very young girl, i was curious about different styles of design and interiors. I have always been attracted by beautiful things.

My favorite style is minimalism that stays on top, but also some details from different styles that makes you look and feel unique. I opened this blog now, because i think it is the right time also to advice other people that are interested in home design, new trends etc.
As you can see my website is called “feels like home” and it has two meanings. The first one is that everything is related to home and decor, the second i want you to feel free here, ask me anything, so in few words this is your home, you just have to feel it! Much love, DL ♥

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