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Reminder to myself

My shirt says it all.  Regardless to these beautiful and “artish” pictures that I made (actually my brother did it for me), which I am very excited to share with all of you, also stands a very important message for me, actually I guess for everyone....


I “sea” blue!

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs! I consider vacations as my chilled days. Doing nothing, just relaxing as i know better. Beautiful view, music and a good company- the other things just complete this relaxation! These days i chose to go to the South of Albania, Ksamil as...


Vector ART.

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs! Today I will talk about a very beautiful and special thing made by a very lovely artist, marinelartt. I am a fan of beautiful things and I really enjoy so much sharing them, so now it is the time to share this masterpiece...