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Indoor Plants: must-have

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs!Whenever i see a plant, i take a picture!As a lover of minimalism, i look for minimalistic plants at home. Where else can i find them, except ETSY. Etsy.com is a love, everything you need, is there..waiting for you. So yeah,...


I choose COMFORT, what about you?

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs! "Get comfortable with the UNcomfortable"How many of you deal with this expression? I think a lot does, enough to have a look on instagram, facebook and all social medias, people and companies are trying to promote this. Most of them think that going...


When in Prague

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs! Today it is time to talk for some fun and travel, but of course related to architecture, interior and decor. As you can see from the title, i will introduce some interesting and beautiful things that i found in Prague.First of...


White is never boring

Decorating with white. Why the white color is a must in your home? First of all i would like to explain what is the meaning of the white color: "The color white is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The psychological meaning...


Timeless trend: Stripes

One of my all time favorite trends are STRIPES. Stripes are a must- have, from home decor, blankets, bed sheets, to clothes that you wear. For people who are obsessed about new trends, you don't have to worry about them, because stripes will always be in...


Say ‘yes’ to leafy vibes!

Hello design lovers and connoisseurs! Today it is friday, weekend, june, summer time and all we think about is relaxing days, holidays. So the topic for today it is about tropical vibes, how to make your room more relaxing, more vacation mode? Leaf decor symbolism speaks of...